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In 1999, the Gripper Gasket Company was established to serve as an alternative source for restraining gaskets in the waterworks industry. Our mission has been to provide American-made, high quality boltless restraint gaskets for ductile iron pipe, valves and fittings complimented with fast, dependable service. Throughout our years of growth, we have responded to our customer’s needs by introducing larger sizes, offering gaskets made of specialty rubber compounds for unique applications, and developing the industry’s first 3-inch restraining gasket.

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Seizing on the opportunity to contribute to and collaborate on innovative waterworks solutions, Gripper Gasket™ launched the MAXADAPTOR® Couplings in January of 2017. This revolutionary product line offers the only universal sewer repair coupling that connects pipes of different sizes and substrates. Due to its increased tolerance range, one MAXADAPTOR® Coupling per nominal diameter joins almost any type of pipe in non-pressure, gravity flow sewer applications. Its’ robust design, versatility, and increased efficiency provides the waterworks and municipal sectors with a viable alternative to traditional, pipe-specific couplings, both as a convenience and emergency product.

Gripper Gasket LLC is a family owned and operated business, dedicated to being the leading supplier of high performance, code approved products in the waterworks and municipal sectors for the purpose of connecting, adapting, reducing, and repairing almost any type of pipe used in the municipal water and sewer markets.

We value our relationships with our customers and appreciate your choosing to do business with Gripper Gasket™. As part of our on-going effort to remain responsive to your needs, we present this website to give you a broad overview of the products we offer and who we are… a proud manufacturer and supplier of top-quality products. We encourage you to discuss your needs with our trained customer service department, technical department, manufacturers’ representatives, or distributors. We welcome your comments and thank you for your continued support.