How We Do Things at Gripper Gasket™ — and Why it Matters to You

We’re committed to making Gripper Gasket™ a great place to work and a great partner to do business with. We advance these goals every day by pursuing the following core values, which are the foundation of Gripper’s company environment and culture.

In addition, we back our commitment to you with policies and procedures designed to promote these principles throughout our organization. Here’s how we work to ensure that everyone we interact with has an exceptional and satisfying experience with Gripper Gasket™:

Working local

We understand that real people live in the communities we do business with — after all, we live here too. That’s why we work within our local community to provide a safe and healthy workplace and protect the environment. To ensure this, we treat every other community we sell to in the same way — making the good of your community, your environment, and the health of your business a priority.

Ongoing innovation

Since 1999, providing you with high-quality products and ever improving levels of customer satisfaction have been part of our organization’s DNA. We’re never content to rest on past achievements and just “get by.” We’re constantly working to anticipate your needs and find new ways to improve our products.

Continuous improvement

Just because we started in 1999 doesn’t mean we’re living in the past. New Inventions and new ways of doing things constantly change quality standards. We strive every day to define, anticipate, and improve standards for quality and reliability — not just to respond to the latest trends.

Providing a great place to work

Like every other aspect of our business, we want to be positively connected to our employees. We treat everyone who works for us with respect and dignity; promoting equal opportunity regardless of race, gender, age, ethnicity, religious beliefs, and any other characteristics protected by law. Our commitment includes providing a living wage to all our employees, plus opportunities to continually improve their skills and their standard of living.

Walk the Talk

We don’t just talk about these principles inside our organization. We strive to live them, and to encourage everyone we do business with to live them as well. Other companies may not work this way, but at Gripper Gasket™ – Infrastructure.Connection.Integrity. – is what we do.