Stop the Guesswork. Use the Universal Coupling MAXADAPTOR®

Only ONE universal coupling connects most pipe materials. MAXADAPTOR® – ONE&DONE™. 

The Challenge for Contractors

No one ever said it would be easy to accurately measure buried sewer pipes in the tight space of an open trench. But when you’re standing ankle-deep in a stream of crud (or worse), any mistake is going to be unpleasant.

Even if you get the measurements right, making sure the right coupling for the job is on your service truck is a gamble. And every time you leave the job site it takes a bite out of your profits.

What if you had just ONE coupling
that worked for every sewer pipe repair?


Now there’s a universal coupling that can handle any job, whether you’re connecting the same material or transitioning between two different materials. When connecting clay, ductile iron, asbestos cement, cast iron, plastic – or any other combination – MAXADAPTOR® can handle any sewer pipe repair challenge.

MAXADAPTOR® boosts your bottom line in three BIG ways:

MAXADAPTOR® installs quickly and easily with a cordless power drill, so you spend less time standing in crud and more time getting that open trench backfilled.

Forget about struggling to measure the outside diameter of the pipes found in a wet, muddy drainage ditch. All you need to know is the nominal diameter of the pipes you’re connecting. MAXADAPTOR® adjusts to the size you need, eliminating guesswork and time-consuming trips back to the wholesaler.

Because it can be used with any combination of materials, MAXADAPTOR® dramatically reduces the inventory you must carry – on your truck or in your warehouse. Whether you’re connecting clay, ductile iron, asbestos cement, cast iron, plastic, or other materials – MAXADAPTOR® gets the job done. One & Done!

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Robust, compact sewer repair coupling for most types and sizes of gravity flow, non-pressure sewer/drainage pipes. One coupling per nominal diameter joins clay, ductile iron, asbestos cement, cast iron and plastic.

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    Product Name Series Part GG Part Description MAX Coupling OD Range min (in) MAX Coupling OD Range max (in)
    MAXADAPTOR® Couplings MAX Series 19200 MAX 4 4″ CL/DI/AC/CI/PL to 4″ CL/DI/AC/CI/PL 4.13 5.56
    MAXADAPTOR® Couplings MAX Series 19203 MAX 4 Oversize 4″ CL/DI/AC/CI/PL to 4″ CL/DI/AC/CI/PL 4.21 5.90
    MAXADAPTOR® Couplings MAX Series 19205 MAX 5 5″ CL/DI/AC/CI/PL to 5″ CL/DI/AC/CI/PL 5.30 6.50
    MAXADAPTOR® Couplings MAX Series 19210 MAX 6 6″ CL/DI/AC/CI/PL to 6″ CL/DI/AC/CI/PL 6.27 7.75
    MAXADAPTOR® Couplings MAX Series 19211 MAX 6 Oversize 6″ CL/DI/AC/CI/PL to 6″ CL/DI/AC/CI/PL 6.27 8.10
    MAXADAPTOR® Couplings MAX Series 19213 MAX 7 6″ CL/CONC or 8″ CI/PL to Same 7.20 8.80
    MAXADAPTOR® Couplings MAX Series 19215 MAX 8 8″ CL/DI/AC/CI/PL to 8″ CL/DI/AC/CI/PL 8.40 10.15
    MAXADAPTOR® Couplings MAX Series 19216 MAX 9 8″ CL/CONC or 10″ DI/AC/CI/PL to Same 9.63 11.13
    MAXADAPTOR® Couplings MAX Series 19220 MAX 10 10″ CL/DI/AC/CI/PL to 10″ CL/DI/AC/CI/PL 10.50 12.68
    MAXADAPTOR® Couplings MAX Series 19225 MAX 12 12″ CL/DI/AC/CI/PL to 12″ CL/DI/AC/CI/PL 12.50 15.00
    MAXADAPTOR® Couplings MAX Series 19230 MAX 13 12″ CL/AC/DI/CONC or 14″ DI/AC/PL or 15″ PL to Same 13.00 15.75
    MAXADAPTOR® Couplings MAX Series 19245 MAX 16 15″ CL/AC or 16″ DI/AC or 18″ PL to Same 16.34 19.10
    MAXADAPTOR® DWV Couplings MAX DWV Series 19300 MAX DWV 2 2″ ST/ABS/PL/CI/K/TWP/SS/XHCI/DURIRON®/DI/AC/CL to Same 1.63 2.50
    MAXADAPTOR® DWV Couplings MAX DWV Series 19305 MAX DWV 3 3″ ST/ABS/PL/CI/K/TWP/SS/XHCI/DURIRON®/DI/AC/CL to Same 3.00 4.13
    MAXADAPTOR® DWV Couplings MAX DWV Series 19310 MAX DWV 4 4″ ST/ABS/PL/CI/K/TWP/SS/XHCI/DURIRON®/DI/AC/CL to Same 4.00 5.56



  • Corrosion Resistant AISI 304 Series Stainless Steel Click-Lock Clamping System
  • High Impact Polyamide (Nylon) Securing Cage
  • Injection Molded EPDM Rubber Sealing Gasket


AISI 304 Series Stainless Steel Click-Lock Clamping System and High Impact Polyamide (Nylon) Securing Cage ensure shear load stabilization and a precision-fit on any pipe. Watertight, leakproof seal resists infiltration and exfiltration.

AISI 304 Series Stainless Steel components resist corrosion in marine applications, poorly aerated/moist soils, contaminated grounds conditions (e.g., industrial fill sites), and chloride, sulfates, or bicarbonates in ground water.

EPDM Synthetic Rubber Sealing Gasket resists ultraviolet rays, ozone, fungus growth, natural soil erosive properties, and normal sewer gases.

EPDM rubber permit a substantial degree of distortion without change in basic physical resistance. More pliable and easier to install in cold weather applications than elastomeric PVC gaskets.

Internal pipe stop for precise installation, reduces noise and vibration.

AISI 304 Series Stainless Steel Click-Lock Clamping System and High Impact Polyamide (Nylon) Securing Cage control load bearing between coupling and pipe surface, opposing shear forces and deflection, while maintaining pipe alignment and flexibility.

Installs with a pre-set cordless drill calibrated to 80 in./lbs.

20 Advantages at a Glance

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  1. No more trips to a job site with the wrong coupling.
  2. Low inventory storage costs as only a few sizes are needed to meet all applications.
  3. Increased efficiency equals labor cost savings.
  4. Greatly exceeds hydrostatic testing requirements of ASTM C1173.
  5. Multiple double sealing profile on each side.
  6. The reduction process takes place centrically, uniformly, and separately on each side of the pipe coupling.
  7. Robust design ensures the coupling won’t fall apart on the job site.
  8. Large-surface cylindrical contact and sealing area.
  9. Stainless steel tension bands with click-lock mechanism ensure reliable, rapid, and uniform assembly.
  10. Securing cage and gasket retain a neutral position during the diameter adjustment process, which means that puckering or deformation of the rubber can be reliably avoided.
  11. Stepless adjustment on both sides, with permanent securing against significant shear loads and deflection.
  12. Deflection is possible on each side, up to 3°.
  13. Nominal I.D.’s match-up perfectly, whether same or different pipe materials.
  14. No bushings are required to bridge even substantial diameter differences within the same nominal diameter.
  15. The design of the tension bands, and the size of the contact surface at the securing cage, ensure the force application during the diameter adaptation is spread evenly onto the pipe over the entire circumference.
  16. A bedding channel on both sides of the tension bands ensures reliable and secure band guidance.
  17. Intrusion is limited by a central protruding rubber lip.
  18. Injection molded EPDM rubber gasket.
  19. High impact polyamide (nylon) securing cage.
  20. Corrosion resistant AISI 304 series stainless steel components.

MAXADAPTOR® Coupling vs. Standard Shielded Sewer Repair Coupling

Universal Shielded Sewer Repair Coupling Standard Shielded Sewer Repair Coupling
GASKET • EPDM Rubber Elastomer
• Environmentally Friendly
• Withstands Tension & Compression
• More Pliable & Easier to Install in Cold Weather
• Plasticized PVC Elastomer
• Contains Chlorides – Environmentally Harmful
• Relaxes Under Tension & Compression
• Hard/Stiff in Cold Weather
STAINLESS STEEL SHEAR BAND • AISI 304 Series Stainless Steel
• Greater Corrosion Resistance
• Band Thickness of .0315″ (Almost 3 Times Thicker)
• 301 Series Stainless Steel
• Less Corrosion Resistance
• Band Thickness of .012″
STAINLESS STEEL CLAMPS • AISI 304 Series Stainless Steel
• Greater Corrosion Resistance
• High Torque – Installs at 80 in/lbs.
• Ultimate Torque at 150 in/lbs.
• Minimal Risk of Clamp Failure
• Replaceable – Click-Lock System
• 301 Series Stainless Steel
• Less Corrosion Resistance
• Medium Torque – Installs at 60 in/lbs.
• Ultimate Torque at 80 in/lbs.
• High Risk of Clamp Failure
• Not Replaceable – Spot Welded in Permanently
SECURING CAGE • High Impact Polyamide (Nylon)
• Impervious to All Soil Conditions
• Not Applicable
VERSATILITY • Multiple Pipe Materials
• Large O.D. Range
• Reduction in Inventory
• Pipe Material Specific
• Limited O.D. Range
• Excessive Inventory – 6 Times the Inventory
EASE • Quick Install with Cordless Drill • Laborious Install with Nut Driver
TESTING • Meets and Exceeds ASTM C1173 • Meets and Exceeds ASTM C1173

How It Works

The adaptability of the MAXADAPTOR® Coupling is achieved by means of an EPDM rubber reducing gasket and nylon plastic securing cage, in combination with two AISI 304 series stainless steel shear bands. The reduction process takes place concentrically, uniformly, and separately on each pipe end. 

The plastic securing cage retains the gasket ends in a locked position, permitting the center section of the gasket to rise and settle inside the middle section of the securing cage. The securing cage’s conically deformable middle section and integrated band channels enhance this unique sealing process and guarantee that puckering, or deformation of the gasket can be avoided, thus ensuring a root-proof and leak-proof pipe seal.

This stable repair coupling ensures stepless adjustment on both pipe ends and promotes enhanced security against deflection and shear loads. 


The MAXADAPTOR® Coupling is especially useful in the following applications: 

  • Inserting factory-made junctions to existing sewers
  • Replacing short sections during pipeline repairs
  • Adapting dissimilar pipe materials and sizes
  • Joining pipe to manhole connections
  • Joining short and cut lengths of pipe

Causes for Pipe Movement & Displacement

Corrosive environments, earth movement, infiltration and exfiltration occur without detections of the implications below ground. In these situations, the use of unshielded sewer couplings results in a number of potential problems.

Unshielded sewer couplings allow pipe movement and displacement at the joint, due to heavy earth loads or shear forces under the following circumstances:

  • Improper backfill or trench beddings
    Causes: Contractor error and/or improper bedding material
  • Soil Expansion or contraction
    Causes: Ground water conditions, flooding, temperature changes, earthquakes, settling soils, etc.  
  • Vibration
    Causes: Public transit areas, highways, railroad tracks, airports, etc.

MAXADAPTOR® Shield Sewer Repair Couplings maintain pipe alignment, despite compaction, improper backfill, or soil settling. 

Results of Pipe Movement & Displacement

Pipe movement or displacement can cause:

  • Misaligned, unsecured pipe ends pulling apart
    Result: Leakage at the joint, resulting in infiltration/exfiltration and root infestation
  • A stepped profile in the sewer line
    Result: Flow obstruction and/or blockage

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