MAXADAPTOR® Eccentric Bushings

Designed for use with MAXADAPTOR® Couplings to facilitate pipe transition between pipes with different nominal sizes. Aligns the inside diameters of the two pipes to create an obstruction free flow. For non-pressure, gravity flow applications only. Recommended for underground installations. Available for transition/reducer of 6" pipe to 4" plastic pipe and 8" pipe to 6" plastic pipe.

Note: Coupling sold separately.


  • Bushing: EPDM Rubber
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Obstruction free, continuous flowline.


Easy to install and reuse.


EPDM synthetic rubber sealing gasket resists ultraviolet rays, ozone, fungus growth, natural soil erosive properties, and normal sewer gases.


EPDM rubber permits a substantial degree of distortion without change in basic physical resistance. More pliable and easier to install in cold weather applications than elastomeric PVC bushing.

  2. EASY

MAXADAPTOR® Eccentric Bushings

A-PIPE OD B-PIPE OD C-DEPTH OF SOCKET MAX JOINT DEFLECTION ANGLE WEIGHT MAX Coupling OD Range min MAX Coupling OD Range max Larger Pipe ID min Larger Pipe ID max Smaller Pipe ID min Smaller Pipe ID max Sewer Main Wall Thickness Lateral Pipe min Lateral Pipe max Core Drilling min Sewer Main Core Break min Sewer Main Core Break max Foam Qty Required DIM. A DIM B DIM C DIM D DIM E DIM F Weight Pressure Resistance GG Part Part
6.278.106" x 4" Eccentric Bushing19500
8.4010.158" x 6" Eccentric Bushing19505

MAXADAPTOR® Eccentric Bushings

GG PartPartDescriptionCase Qty.Case Wt.
6" x 4" Eccentric Bushing195006" CL to 4" SDR 35 Eccentric Reducer for use with MAX 6 or MAX 6 "O" 1231.80 lbs
8" x 6" Eccentric Bushing195058" CL to 6" SDR 35 Eccentric Reducer for use with MAX 888 lbs