MULTI N Inclined Flap Valves

Protection against drainage & sewage backwater/flooding. Inclined Flap Valve (minimum 15°) designed for connection to any pipe (PVC, HDPE, Asbestos Cement, Ductile Iron, Clay, Concrete, etc.) to prevent backflow in sewage and drainage systems. In order to ensure a watertight connection to any circular pipe, the appropriate Mission Flex-Seal® ARC Coupling is supplied & already connected to the Multi N valve for easy & quick installation. Note: Make sure to order the correct coupling by specifying both the pipe material type & outside diameter.

Multiple sizes from 5.91" - 23.62"


  • Flap Valve: Glass reinforced plastic using a isophtalic polyester resin
  • Coupling Clamps: Surgical Grade 316 Stainless Steel, Nut & Bolt (2 or 4)
  • Coupling Shield: 301 Series Stainless Steel with 301 Series Stainless Steel, Worm Drive Clamps (2)
  • Coupling Gasket: Molded, One-Piece, Elastomeric Sealing Gasket

Delivered "Ready to Install" with a Mission Flex-Seal® ARC Coupling

  • For installation directly onto spigot end of pipe
  • A Mission Flex-Seal® ARC Coupling is supplied and already connected on the MULTI N valve in order to provide an easy and quick installation. It provides a secure and watertight connection to all types of pipe. Make sure to order correctly by specifying both the pipe type and outside diameter of the pipe to be joined.

Reliable and Durable

High mechanical strength due to Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) construction. Design is verified by Finite Element Stress Analysis


Resistant up to 1 bar (10 m head) and back pressure to 1 bar (10 m head). Integral rubber seals easily replaced if damaged.


Fast and easy installation. Most sizes can be handled by one person. Very low operating pressure (cracking head) compared with metal flap valves.

Corrosion Resistant

Highly resistant to corrosion and UV Degradation. No coating needed.


Natural rubbers provide resistance to ozone, UV and mechanical compression.

Low Maintenance

Long service life and low maintenance.


Conforms to ISO 9001 quality standards.

  1. Reliable and Durable
  2. Watertight
  3. Lightweight
  4. Corrosion Resistant
  5. Resilient
  6. Low Maintenance
  7. Quality

MULTI N Series

A-PIPE OD B-PIPE OD C-DEPTH OF SOCKET MAX JOINT DEFLECTION ANGLE WEIGHT MAX Coupling OD Range min MAX Coupling OD Range max Larger Pipe ID min Larger Pipe ID max Smaller Pipe ID min Smaller Pipe ID max Sewer Main Wall Thickness Lateral Pipe min Lateral Pipe max Core Drilling min Sewer Main Core Break min Sewer Main Core Break max Foam Qty Required DIM. A DIM B DIM C DIM D DIM E DIM F Weight Pressure Resistance Pipe O.D. 2 Bushings (TWP) Pipe O.D. 1 Bushing (SCH 40) Pipe O.D. No Bushings (DI) Inside Core Drilling I.D. Installation Depth (Min) GG Part Part
178 mm176 mm192 mm169 mm9 mm299 mm0,60 kg1 bar (10 m head)MULTI 150 N19031
224 mm216 mm205 mm202 mm11 mm345 mm1,20 kg1 bar (10 m head)MULTI 200 N19085
284 mm280 mm225 mm263 mm12 mm399 mm1,70 kg1 bar (10 m head)MULTI 250 N19105
335 mm332 mm265 mm318 mm15 mm480 mm3,00 kg1 bar (10 m head)MULTI 315 N19125
420 mm417 mm295 mm405 mm16 mm570 mm5,40 kg1 bar (10 m head)MULTI 400 N
528 mm522 mm320 mm506 mm17 mm678 mm9.40 kg1 bar (10 m head)MULTI 500 N
659 mm655 mm345 mm638 mm18 mm808 mm15,00 kg1 bar (10 m head)MULTI 600 N

MULTI N Series

GG PartPartDescriptionCase Qty.Case Wt.
MULTI 150 N19031150 mm direct connection to any pipe10,60 kg
MULTI 200 N19085200 mm direct connection to any pipe11,20 kg
MULTI 250 N19105250 mm direct connection to any pipe11,70 kg
MULTI 315 N19125315 mm direct connection to any pipe13,00 kg
MULTI 400 N400 mm direct connection to any pipe15,40 kg
MULTI 500 N500 mm direct connection to any pipe19,40 kg
MULTI 600 N600 mm direct connection to any pipe115,00 kg