Replacement Shims

Gripper Gasket Replacement Shims

Replacement shims for use with the Gripper Gasket™ Disassembly Tool.


  • Shims: Tempered Steel
Gripper Gasket Replacement Shims

Easy to use and reuse.


Tempered steel offers increased strength, making it more resistant to wear and tear.

  1. EASY

Replacement Shims

A-PIPE OD B-PIPE OD C-DEPTH OF SOCKET MAX JOINT DEFLECTION ANGLE WEIGHT MAX Coupling OD Range min MAX Coupling OD Range max Larger Pipe ID min Larger Pipe ID max Smaller Pipe ID min Smaller Pipe ID max Sewer Main Wall Thickness Lateral Pipe min Lateral Pipe max Core Drilling min Sewer Main Core Break min Sewer Main Core Break max Foam Qty Required DIM. A DIM B DIM C DIM D DIM E DIM F Weight Pressure Resistance GG Part Part

Replacement Shims

GG PartPartDescriptionCase Qty.Case Wt.
RS-127010Pack of 10 shims.11.50 lbs